Road to the Horizon

Sometimes We Get So Caught Up…

…in the path we have created for ourselves, that we forget that the universe may have a grander plan for us than we could have ever imagined. It’s okay to step back from time to time and re-evaluate where we are and which actions will help us reach the dreams we have envisioned for ourselves.


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I Can’t Do This Alone – Joined a 3 Day Detox Group!

I believe that outer beauty begins with inner beauty. For me, it’s not only a mentality but also having my body feeling good and clean inside! My stubborn nature kept me thinking I could do all of this on my own but I realized I need the accountability of a group to get back to clean eating again. So I joined a group to hold me accountable because I really want this badly! I know it’s up to ME to change my habits though. (Here’s an awesome article I read recently that emphasizes systems over goals…I loved this new perspective!) Starting the day off with warm lemon water and it feels so refreshing! Have you joined groups this before?

Welcome to the Loyal Jammers Club!

Last week I launched my Loyal Jammers Program, which is my way of thanking you for being a loyal customer! I’m so grateful to all of you who support my business!!! You’ll receive an updated “punched” card from me via email after every order.
*Buy 3 Get 1 Free orders each quality for 3 “punches”. Nail Art Studio custom wraps get 1 “punch” per sheet.
Click the picture to shop my site! :) Happy Holidays!!

A Festive Jamberry Nails Seven Day Challenge!

Here’s my Seven Day Challenge! Jamberry lacquer doesn’t chip as bad but still does chip. Less coats though – this is only one coat of Frosted on second and fourth fingers. Ohhh this is why I rarely wear only polish anymore lol!! Always a wrap over polish or just wraps! The wraps are Let It Snow and Diamond Dust Sparkle!

Here is Day 1:

And Day 7:


Today has been a day full of fire for me. I never expected waking up to get going and run my errands then in the middle of it shooting a video to post for my jam sisters. Some are discouraged at this point in their journey and I felt really compelled to get real, get right there in front on a video, and tell them you CAN do it!! Don’t give up!! I keep feeling this energy today, even as I went to do the #HairTipOfTheDay, so I decided to post this first instead. You’re not alone if you are also feeling frustrated by something. We may wish we hadn’t done or said something, or wish we had done something differently or whatever. Focus on now. That’s in the past. Keep learning and growing from those lessons and you WILL succeed!!!
xo Renee