Second Rollout of Debut Photos from the 2015 Fall Portfolio Photo Shoot

We heard that Staci rarely smiles in pics but we caught her last Sunday! Thank you for laughing at my ridiculous silly faces hahaha…it was so much fun to finally meet you in person (she’s been a JamSister on our team for five months) and catch up and share stories! You are a beautiful person inside and out. More photos and Part 1 of this Portfolio Launch can be found here…


Debut Photos from 2015 Fall Portfolio Photo Shoot

Today we’re featuring photos from our 2015 Fall Portfolio Shoot! Collaborating locally with other talented artists is so exciting and for this shoot, Brittany Miller and I teamed up to give our beautiful models formal hair and makeup for the day. This share includes…(click here for full article and more photos)


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Short ‘N Sassy – Spikey Short Hair Cut in Light Chocolate Brown with Blond Highlights

My friend’s mom (and client of several years) – we’ll call her Penny – used to have really long hair when she was younger but always felt like it weighed her down and made her look blah. Her shorter height didn’t help matters, of course. While she dreamt of having a cute short cut, her husband at the time always told her she had to have long hair because that’s what he liked. Over the years, life happened as it always does and she found herself with the chance to do something completely different with her style. “Nope, not immediately,” she thought, “I’ll wait because I’m really still not sure how short hair will look on me.”

“Oh forget it! I’m going to try something new!” Penny was finally ready to go short and has never looked back. At first she started with a chin-length bob, then took it a little shorter with lots of layers, then when she started seeing me she told me to take it even shorter! I was so excited because I knew that the volume of this style would look so good and complement her face shape so well! At first she thought it was too short but Penny lives by the “it’ll grow back” mantra, as any self-respecting hair daredevil does.

By the time she came for her next cut and style, she said it had already been too long for a week. Well, needless to say she’s always coming in telling me of the countless compliments her patients pay her. She is a nurse at an outpatient oncology treatment center and the bright, fun pops of color (see those slight remnants of blue we put in nine weeks ago on her left side there?) make her patients smile and forget their worries for the time being.

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Sometimes We Get So Caught Up…

…in the path we have created for ourselves, that we forget that the universe may have a grander plan for us than we could have ever imagined. It’s okay to step back from time to time and re-evaluate where we are and which actions will help us reach the dreams we have envisioned for ourselves.


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I Can’t Do This Alone – Joined a 3 Day Detox Group!

I believe that outer beauty begins with inner beauty. For me, it’s not only a mentality but also having my body feeling good and clean inside! My stubborn nature kept me thinking I could do all of this on my own but I realized I need the accountability of a group to get back to clean eating again. So I joined a group to hold me accountable because I really want this badly! I know it’s up to ME to change my habits though. (Here’s an awesome article I read recently that emphasizes systems over goals…I loved this new perspective!) Starting the day off with warm lemon water and it feels so refreshing! Have you joined groups this before?

Welcome to the Loyal Jammers Club!

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