October Hostess Exclusive

I changed my jams again!!! I haven’t had this much fun with my nails since I first discovered polish like a bazillion years ago. Yes. I’m serious. My latest obsession is how amazingly shiny the metallic wraps are! I started with the Jamberry Smoothing Base Coat this time (one coat) then applied the October Hostess Exclusive wraps on top! Contact me now by clicking here to host a party and earn this wrap and tons of other free Jamberry goodies!!!


WHY Get Regular Trims?

So you probably hear it all the time. You definitely will if you read my blog posts – case in point would be today haha. “Get regular trims.” “Get a trim every six to eight weeks!” “Don’t skip your hair cuts!” You may have even heard this after having a seat in the chair…”Your last hair cut was when?!

As hairdressers, we really do not tell you to come in more often simply for our financial benefit. There’s science behind this recommendation…and of course the benefit of seeing your smiling face and catching up on what’s new. :) Here’s the why behind it all:

Cardinal Rule #1: No matter how persuasive that commercial is that tells you their hair serum or shampoo or conditioner is going to fix your split ends, you must promise to not believe them.

Have I ever told you my products will fix your split ends? Nope. Heck, if they did, I’d include a free finishing product with every hair cut and tell you I’ll see you again when your hair reaches your lower back. No product will fix split ends. Ever. Ev……er. Products will help seal split ends together, creating the illusion of having fixed them. *Wooo woo! Now you see them. Now you don’t!!!* [Insert David Copperfield smile here.]

Let me take you back to those fun days in science class when we got to use the microscopes. YAY!! I don’t know about you but I lovvvvvved those days. This below, my dear friends, is four different hair strands under a microscope. The captions are pretty self-explanatory and show the various levels of damage on each strand. Besides taking a very teeny tiny Crazy Glue applicator and crazy gluing your split ends together, you will notice that there is no way to truly get rid of split ends other than to cut them off above where they begin. And, for the record, I do not recommend taking the aforementioned former approach. Of course if you do, then call me. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you that it’s gonna be the most expensive trip to the salon you’ll ever take. ;)

Hair strands - photo courtesy of allabouthair.com.sg

As I always have said, I highly recommend getting trims every six to eight weeks to avoid getting split ends that look like the poor hair in C or D. Another thing worth noting is that when hair is over processed from color, it begins to look like picture C, then D. This is why overly-lightened blonde hair especially is so unruly and difficult to manage or stye.



Winfield Community Fest Jams in a Jar Winners – 9/13/14

Hello everyone!!!

Thank you for stopping by my Jamberry Nails booth today at the Winfield Community Fest!
Click the video to see the raffle winners being chosen!!!
Jams in a Jar Raffle Winners!
I hope you all love your samples and if you have any questions at all, I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Call or text me at 219-671-6697!
Here are the application instructions and video in case you need them! :) http://reneejams.jamberrynails.net/about/apply/
7 Day Challenge
Several of you requested to host a party so I’ll be in contact with you again to work out those details! You can choose to do an in-person party (people LOVE to see the Jamberry Nails in action and this gives your friends and family a chance to really understand how to apply them) or you can do an online Facebook party. Either one works for me!
If you didn’t sign up to host but would like to, simply follow this link –> http://reneejams.jamberrynails.net/host/Schedule.aspx

Today’s Jamicure!! “Romantic Sparkle”

As a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve developed a pretty strong allegiance to OPI nail polish over the last 11+ years. When I joined Jamberry, I noticed they offer lacquers too but was not exactly ready to switch. With my Hostess Rewards from my Launch Party, I did decide to try them out because I always want to know (and hopefully believe in) the quality of the products I introduce to my guests. Um, let me tell you…the lacquer is just as amazing as the wraps!! I prepped with alcohol and pushed back my cuticles, then put one coat of Jamberry Strengthening Base Coat on each nail then lacquered and wrapped (dunno if that sounds entirely appropriate but just go with it…lol).

The first pic is only ONE coat of the lacquer! I didn’t even need a second coat. I was surprised to see that it not only covered extremely well, but my nails were dry enough to start wrapping within about 5-7 minutes! I wasn’t counting ‘cuz I was too excited about the fact that the lacquer was actually covering in one coat…

So there you have it – White Romance wraps over Dusk and Midas lacquer and accent nail with Stardust lacquer over Dusk lacquer…I’m in love…and alway will be…😍

If you’re ever interested in ordering, check out my site by clicking here! :)



Favorite Concealer Ever!

I get lots of questions about the hair and makeup products I use and one of the more recent questions in my inbox was “What’s your favorite concealer?” By far, my favorite concealer of all time is MAC Pro Longwear Concealer! I use the color called NC20 during the summer months when I have more of a tanned complexion and I use NC15 during the winter. The higher the number, the darker the color. The NC means it has a cool undertone (NW has warm undertones).

Now, usually when concealing and correcting, you’d choose an opposite color to counteract the underlying issue. If dark circles are a purple-ish blue, you’d think you want orange then to balance/correct it because opposite colors cancel each other out. My issue with this is when I use warm tones there, I see an orange-ish cast under my eyes and I hate that. So I choose to use a lighter version of my natural skin tone which happens to be mostly neutral and just slightly on the cool side. This concealer is amazing because it has a matte finish, doesn’t crease, and conceals like no other. Srsly. Try it.

If the color matching/charting confuses you and you’re trying to figure out a color for yourself, comment below!! I’d be happy to help you find one that works for your skin tone! :)


Fighting the Cold

I won’t quite admit yet that fall is here…wearing a hoodie but still sporting the flip flops. If you’re on the west coast, you’re probably freezing just reading this since you guys like to throw on down coats once it dips below 70. 😜

My jams are going strong too – almost two weeks and they look brand new!!