Natural Ombré Melt

I love love love creating ombré blond on guests who have a natural canvas! I created this beachy keen color palate on dark natural blond hair using a “Long or Thick Dimensions – (Menu of Services)” selective foiling technique. Then we removed the last two inches of hair and added layers and a bit of razored texture throughout to give her shape an airy, carefree feeling!


Steel Red

My Middle Sis loves trying new things with her hair! She usually rocks out some really vibrant red all over but when Schwarzkopf Professional came out with their latest Metallics line of colors, I knew she’d be game to try out the uber cool-toned medium red. (No worries to all you pros out there going “Oh my gawwwd…metallics?!” There are no metallic dyes in this color; the name was inspired by the cool tones of industrial metallic finishes.)

Ladies and gents, I introduce to you the one, the only, IGORA Royal 6-28 Steel Red.

I am in love with these colors. They represent what I feel like is the majority of the population’s natural hair tone: cool/blue/purple-based naturals. The bonus though is these are naturals with an expertly-added dose of fashion color. They don’t get any cooler than this, quite literally.

SKP IGORA Royal Steel Red

Punch of Positivity!

I love seeing the positive side of things in life. I’ve noticed that unfortunately negativity seems to multiply quicker than positivity so I’m here to change that. I want to help you focus on the positive things in life! When we are careful to focus our energy on only those things that will serve us – the POSITIVE energy and things in life – interesting things start to happen. Focusing on positive attracts more positive.

Positivity is a learned habit. This is my 21-day Punch of Positivity session which is my answer to people who have said they love how much energy I have and wish they could have as much! :) I really want to help you to focus on the positive too. I want you to feel how good it feels when things start to fall into place. For 21 days, you’ll get a daily email and phone call to kick-start your new outlook and send a jolt of energy to the beginning of your day!

I have 25 spots open for August 1-21, 2014!


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Custom Fit Fringe!

This is definitely the best way to bang. My client Melissa came in for a hair cut and asked about her fringe. She said she couldn’t really decide whether to take the plunge and chop the front into a full fringe. What did I say to this? “Ya know, you can have the best of both worlds!” I explained to her that she could have the fun of a full fringe without any of the commitment. I found a HairUWear clip-in fringe piece that matched her hair color perfectly! Today was her fitting and adjustment appointment, where I taught her how to install the piece and care for it at home. I also cut the piece so that it fits her unique face shape perfectly. She loves it!!!

Let us know how much you love this look in the comments below! :)


Bright Colors in the Corporate World

Of course you can get away with bright panels of color in the corporate world – if the placement is right. My aunt was dying to do something fun and bright but was a little concerned that vivid color would be too much at the conservative school in which she teaches. I explained to her that it’s easy to do bright colors in the workplace as long as they’re done correctly. We ended up creating what I call “Peacock Panels” which is teal next to vibrant blue and resembles the feathers of a peacock. My aunt loved it! What’s better, and more surprising, was that the principal of the school admitted to my aunt that she was a tad envious of her bold colors! The principal said that she’d love to do something fun with her hair if only she didn’t have such a prominent position and certain audience to please.



What’s your favorite bright color to wear? :D