Application Instructions – Yep, they *are* important!

Hey everyone!!! As you receive your orders, I just wanted to stress the importance of applying them properly. I was *so* stinkin excited to put my sample on when I got it that I definitely “cut corners”. I cut it in half, cleaned my nail with polish remover, pushed back the cuticle slightly, heated with a blow dryer, stuck it on, and filed the free edge off. The problem is, when we cut corners, we’re not getting the best out of the product. I received my full kit yesterday and it was really helpful. It was MUCH easier last night, while doing my soccer manicure, to heat the wraps and apply using the mini heater and both hands! Also, I pushed my cuticles back properly and dried my nail plate with the alcohol swab. After applying the wrap, I used the rubber (read: flexible rubber, not stiff rubber) cuticle pusher to seal down the wrap to my nail, making sure there were no air bubbles and that the entire thing was tightly sealed.
The reason there’s less worry with polish is because it’s liquid; it fills in every crack and crevice! It’s essential to make a watertight seal so they last and wear comfortably. With these, you DO have to follow the instructions to a T but you will totally love them when you do.
You already know how I love to educate people behind the chair with my styling work…same thing here…if you have any questions at all, please ASK! I am certain I’ll be able to help you!


Official Jamberry Nails Application Video:


#HairTipOfTheDay 8/26/14

For healthier hair, eat plenty of water-rich fresh fruits and veggies and drink at least two liters of water throughout the day. Water is essential to life and helps flush toxins from our system, thus encouraging a better environment for our cells! This means more oxygen and nutrients are able to get to our cells. Guess what that also means?! Healthier hair (and everything else!)!

My Launch Party!

I am always committing some kind of pretty nail crime (washing dishes, doing hair, cleaning the house, watering the flowers or digging in dirt…), so I was really skeptical about these things. I have had acrylics and the No-Chip Manicure and loved how well they lasted but hated the expensive upkeep and how much they tore up my natural nails underneath! Jamberry Nails had a lot to live up to and surpass for me to believe in them enough to offer them as a solution to you guys. The big thing that really got me was watching the Organic Gentle Removal Process in the video. The Jamberry Sisters explained how you can soak your nails in very warm water or in lemon juice and then break the nail seal and gently peel off the nail wrap while your nails are still under the liquid! This is huge for me because I cannot stand having nail products on to protect my nails and help them grow (and look super cute!!) only to have hideously damaged nails when I do want to take the product off. I mean seriously, what’s the point of having pretty nails on the outside only to have them rip and tear and be all kinds of nasty when you switch your design??

A common question I get about my business is if I do nail services. I don’t do typical nail salon services but I do have a solution for you – Jamberry Nails! These are some amazing little nail wraps that can be applied in the comfort of your own home and…they last. Here’s a photo of my nails painted with traditional polish and with one Black & White Chevron Jamberry Nail wrap…


I have taken the Jamberry One Week Challenge! Let's see how the polish holds up compared to the Jamberry Nail Wraps. ;)

I have taken the Jamberry 7 Day Challenge! Let’s see how the polish holds up compared to the Jamberry Nail Wraps. ;)

If you’re interested in purchasing Jamberry Nails for yourself, head over here to my Launch Party Page. :) I’d love to help you in any way – email me if you have any questions!

Here’s the whole Jamberry Nails Application Video if you’d like to see it for yourself! The part about the Organic Removal Process starts at 4:15 in the video.